SEO Search Engine Optimisation

 is one of the most important elements of the Web Build process. Strong SEO Search Engine Optimisation will see your site move up in the Google rankings on search engines. Why is this important? When you search for a product or service on-line how often do you go to the second page.
Over 70% of searchers never click to the second search page and over 90% of searches are carried out using Google. When you want a product or service where do you search. The phone book or golden pages are becoming more and more obsolete.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO  in numbers
• 2 – Search is the second biggest online activity after email
• 82.6% – percentage of web users use search to find things
• 60% – proportion of people who click on top 3 Google results
• 7 in 10 – clicked links are organic listings (Through Search Engine Optisization)
• 4:5 – of searchers rarely or never click on paid listings
• 1 in 3 – Business to Business marketers spend more on SEO than any other marketing tool

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